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My name is Erik Shinker and, like many of you reading this, I have loved reading from an early age. I am trying to diversify my reading list since it can be easy to fall into one genre or another and never branch out, so this blog is my attempt at sharing that with others while also forcing my opinion on them. Win win! Many of these books are not new publications due to the range of what I am reading, so that is why these reviews could be considered “past due.”

A little bit about my qualifications; in May of 2015, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. I studied English with an emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing and minored in Film Studies. You could say I’ve written my fair share of analysis and I like to think I know what I’m talking about (though who doesn’t?).

The majority of content on this site will be book reviews, but I will also post editorials that have to do with the craft of writing and other subjects I believe to be appropriate to the blog.

So please sit back and enjoy my judgement of people who, unlike me, have had their creative work published.

Thank you for reading!


Mission statement:

My mission is to give clear book reviews with a bit of humor added in for those out there who are not only looking for a book review, but a little entertainment as well.


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