Music Monday Announcement

Stories are an integral part of the human experience, and this interaction transcends verbal or written storytelling; it is at its most visceral through music. Alongside reading and writing, music has been a part of my identity since I was very young, and though I hadn’t previously found a way to combine it with this blog due to its literary foundation, I think I have finally been able to merge the two.

I have seen the Music Monday tag appear over at The Tatted Book Geek and thought I might put my own spin on it; rather than posting individual songs on a Monday, I will focus on concept albums and bands I listen to that I believe excel at telling stories through their songs.

Due to the amount of albums I have amassed so far, I will be posting every other Monday to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed by the addition of these posts to my writing schedule, as well as to keep you in anticipation of the following entries.

I want to emphasize from the beginning that these will not be album reviews; all of the albums and songs that I share have a special place in my heart and come with the highest recommendation I can give. I own many of these albums on vinyl (one of the few things I collect) and will include pictures of these when I am able.

The underlying reason behind this twist in the meme (besides gushing about my favorite records) is that a lot of the bands I listen to don’t get much radio play, if any at all, and since many have concepts in their albums and songs, I thought this would be a great way to share their music while simultaneously diving into their deeper layers.

My Music Monday posts will begin next Monday, November 6th, with Act I: The Lake South, The River North by the Dear Hunter.



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Act I Album Cover


An impromptu blog: Over 400 followers on!

Despite my wildest expectations, The Past Due Book Review has over 400 dedicated followers on! I will do my best not to repeat myself from previous updates and keep it short, so here is a picture of my sister’s kitten, Willow, snoozing after spending a good ten minutes attacking my hands.

Snoozing kitty.JPG
Look at those furry, little murder mittens.

Thank you again to my 401 followers on, the 88 on the blog’s Facebook page, the 76 on Twitter, and everyone who reads the posts on my LinkedIn profile. Here’s to the next 400!

Previously: An impromptu blog: Over 200 followers on!

An impromptu blog: Over 200 followers on!

You all continue to astound me and I can now say that The Past Due Book Review has surpassed 200 dedicated followers on! I truly enjoy not only sharing my writing but the amount of engagement that has happened on the blog over the last few months so here’s a picture of Hunter being drowsy and photogenic simultaneously as a reward.

Pretty kitty.jpg

Thank you again to my 200 followers on, the 53 on the blog’s Facebook page, the 40 on Twitter, and everyone who reads the posts on my LinkedIn profile. Here’s to the next 200!

Previously: An impromptu blog: Over 100 followers on!

One Year Anniversary!

It’s a bit difficult to believe, but today marks the one-year anniversary of my first review on The Past Due Book Review.

Here we are; 43 book reviews, 15 editorials, and 263 total followers later.

I will keep this brief, but thank you again to everyone who has read my writing on here. I wasn’t sure if this blog would get much traction, but I have enjoyed every moment so far (even the daily revisions in preparation of posting) and I believe this blog makes for a unique record of how my writing has improved in the last year.

So here’s a rare picture of my cats getting along and one final thank you to all of my readers! I look forward to another year of reviews and writing!

Mr. Grumpy Gills and Ms. Photogenic


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Happy 1-Year

An impromptu blog: Over 100 followers on!

Well, here we are again celebrating growth on the blog. I will keep this rather short since the book I am currently reading is taking up a lot of my time and attention, but thank you all for coming to my little corner of the internet.

I appreciate that you take the time to read my work on here since it is all done in my free time and knowing that there are those who enjoy what I love to do makes my heart happy.

As a reward for your continued loyalty, here is a picture of my skinny cat. Her name is Nina, she is 12 years old, and she thinks she is queen of the castle. She was totally okay with me taking this picture of her despite the apprehension and annoyance apparent in her face. She also rubs her face on electrical outlets when the mood strikes her.


Thank you again to my 101 followers on, the 48 on my blog’s Facebook page, and the 30 on my Twitter. Here’s to the next 100!

Also, I don’t only wear white t-shirts. I realize that most of the update photos feature me in a white tee and that is pure coincidence. If you didn’t notice, then no worries!

Previously: An impromptu blog: Over 50 followers on!

Twitter Account Update!

This update is a quick plug to announce that in an effort to create more interaction through my blog (as well as expand my digital footprint) I have created a Twitter account!

I realize that since I post content once a week on here, there is only so much engagement that can be had and though I really appreciate everyone who follows my blog or likes a post, I would love to communicate with all of you more!

So with that in mind I will be posting quotes, sharing tweets from authors and other literature related accounts, and starting a little something I like to call #foodpunfriday, which will begin tomorrow.

We also passed 75 followers on the blog yesterday so a huge THANK YOU  (yeah, bold, italics, underlined AND all caps) again for reading my words and I’ll see you in (on?) the twitter-verse!

Twitter selfie.jpg
I’m not good at selfies. Also, I don’t only have three fingers on my hand…this didn’t go as well as I thought it would.

Here’s the link for those who can’t read my abhorrent handwriting:


Reading Tally for 2016

Happy New Year!

Many people are looking back at the year we leave behind and I figured that it would be appropriate to do here since keeping track of what I read in 2016 was what eventually began this blog. It started as simply seeing how many books and graphic novels I would read in a year since I had actual time to devote to recreational reading rather than articles or required reading while I was in college.

You will find below the total number of novels, nonfiction books, and graphic novels I read in 2016 as well as the amount of pages and what I read each month. The type of book is listed before the title and the authors are in parentheses.

I look forward to what 2017 has to offer and have some very exciting reviews and editorials planned.

As always, thanks for reading!

Novels (Nov): 41

Graphic Novels (GN): 38

Non-Fiction (NF): 5

Total Books: 46

Overall Total: 84

Page Total : 24,866

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